MuseScore 2

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            Cross-platform multi-lingual music composition and notation, v2

MuseScore is an Open Source (GNU GPL) music notation software that runs on all platforms supported by Qt5 (GNU/Linux, MacOS X, Windows), and is available in over forty different languages. It features an easy to use WYSIWYG editor with audio score playback for results that look and sound beautiful, rivaling commercial offerings like Finale and Sibelius.

This package provides MuseScore 2. You can install multiple versions of MuseScore in parallel, and upstream recommends doing so, because each major version has a new, incompatible, layout engine, and changing old scores without relayouting them fully with the new version can only be done by the old version. Install the musescore3 package for MuseScore 3 and expect a musescore4 package to show up in Debian bookworm. 

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