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            Scribus is an open source desktop page layout program with the aim ofproducing commercial grade output in PDF and Postscript.

Scribus can be used for many tasks; from brochure design to newspapers,magazines, newsletters and posters to technical documentation.

Scribus supports professional DTP features, such as CMYK color and acolor management system to soft proof images for high quality color printing,flexible PDF creation options, Encapsulated PostScript import/export andcreation of 4 color separations, import of EPS/PS and SVG as native vectorgraphics, Unicode text including right to left scripts such as Arabic andHebrew via freetype. Graphic formats which can be placed in Scribus as imagesinclude PDF, Encapsulated Post Script (eps), TIFF, JPEG, PNG and XPixMap(xpm),and any bitmap type supported by QT4.

If you need to use the render frame install the texlive-latex-recommended package (suggested).


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