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            Easy to use screencast creator

Vokoscreen can be used to record educational videos, live recordingsof browser, installation, videoconferences, etc. You can capture analone video or video and sound (via ALSA or PulseAudio).

The program is very simple and uses a minimalistic GUI. It also cancapture your face using a webcam in the same time, so this feature isespecially suitable for screencasting purposes. Another feature is thedirect capture from IEEE1394 digital cameras.

This program uses the ffmpeg features and saves the capture in someformats, as AVI, MP4, FLV and MKV for video and MP3 for audio.


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  • Muhammet 28-10-2021 16:02

    çok güzel sade insanın çok kafasını karıştırmıyor ve dosya boyutları da çok büyük çıkmıyor